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Welcome to the QueenTiger wiki. Here I share jokes, riddles, drawing, ideas, crafts, and so much more. Feel free to add your own crafts or drawings and edit anything you'd like ~QueenTiger

P.S. Please Read the welcoming page below here is the link



Rule 1: No cyberbullying/bullying of any sort (bullying or ignoring users)

Rule 2: No swearing please.

Rule 3:  No sockpuppeting. This means creating multiple accounts to troll other users.

Rule 4: Be Kind to others and respect them

Rule 5:  No spamming or random or irrelevant pages. Also do not spam the comments, blog posts, etc.

Rule 6:  No adult content. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning.

Rule 7: Do not insert unwanted content into pages. Like random letters and numbers, or just random symbols.

Rule 8: Please no Online Dating. This can result in a week ban or a two week ban.

Rule 9: No blood and gore and

Rule 10:  No badge farming. This means making unwanted edits, comments, articles, etc to get badges. Like making pages of just random letters and numbers

Rule 11: Do NOT force people to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, or do any other illegal activity. It is against the rules to do ANY illegal activity, if you force people to do illegal things, and if you do illegal things, you WILL get a PERM BAN.

Rule 12: DO NOT DO DOXING. Doxing is when you search up people for their personal info. This is against the rules and will result in a block.

Rule 13: Respect all religions. Yes, this includes religions that have witchcraft in them.

Rule 13: Do NOT be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, Islamophobic, Xenophonic, etc. THIS WILL CAUSE A BAN.

And last but not least Have Fun!

One offense=Warning

2-3 offenses=Daily Ban

4-5 offenses=Weekly Ban

6-7 offenses=Month or Yearly Ban

(It may change due to what rule(s) you break)


Thank you for joining the QueenTiger Wiki! Here you can find free crafts, drawing ideas, recipes, and more for the whole family! This wiki is family-friendly.

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