Here's how to make a sticker sheet out of your favorite stickers in Kart Kingdom!

⚠️You may need a parent's help and supervision for this activity!⚠️

Items You Will Need

  • A painting program that allows drag-and-dropping images onto the canvas. Ex. Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
  • A printer
  • A computer
  • Sticker paper (as long as it sticks, you can make stickers, but most people prefer the glossy paper)
  • An Exacto Knife


  1. Before doing anything, switch you printer from eco-friendly mode to picture mode. If you skip this step, there will be pink lines all over the page when it is printed.
  2. Open up the painting program on your computer and fill in the background with an image or color.
  3. Position the stickers you want on the page. It can be multiple copies of one sticker, or all different stickers. Make sure the stickers don't overlap the margin lines.
  4. Take out the multipurpose printer paper and replace it with sticker paper of your choice.
  5. Print out as many copies of the sheet you want, and even print out different ones!
  6. Put the sheet on a table and gently cut on the outlines with the Exacto Knife. Don't push hard enough to cut through the paper, but make sure you push hard enough to get through the first layer of the paper, so you can peel the stickers off. If you feel like you will accidentally cut through the paper, you can try reducing the chance of doing that with a layer of tracing paper.
  7. (Optional) If you have a round-edge cutter, you can cut the corners of the paper to make rounded corners!


You can use this procedure for anything you want to make a sticker, but if the images you want to use don't already have a thick outline (like stickers in KK), then you must create an outline around the image. You can paint around the image, or copy and paste the image, then fill it in with a color, and then move it to a lower layer so that it's underneath the image. Then unite the two images so they become one and it's easier to drag.